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This fall, we are starting courses and private lessons again! The courses will be available Mon-Thurs for all levels, men, women and also children/youth.

Bernat is our new padel coach and with his 12 years of experience as a padel coach in Spain, he has trained everything from beginners to elite players. Bernat's training approach benefits all types of players and his main goal is to get each individual to develop at their own pace and reach their full potential. He speaks both good English and Spanish.

We have several courses running right now, but you can always book a private lesson with us! Book your private lesson via Matchi or contact us at if you want another time.
Our professional padel coach has 12 years of experience as a coach and has coached all different levels. His approach benefits all types of players and he will make you understand your padel game in a whole new way!

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